Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It is with much gratitude and thanks that I give to Infinite Intelligence for all of the talents I have received at birth.  It is an honor to use these talents in a mindful and God-conscious way to be of service to the planet.  It is with authenticity, dignity, levity and mercy I accept this responsibility to bring these gifts to the planet and allow these talents to flourish in all my activities.  As I realize my purpose, which is to be an example of the love, joy, freedom and unity of all people, I find a greater freedom brewing inside of me as I release my passions to the world.  

I share my message through books, workshops and all avenues of media to pay tribute and show the reverence of the divine within.  As I become quiet to my own rumblings and find the stillness that leads to tranquility, I hear the voice of Infinite Intelligence guiding me along the path. This voice is the essence of what is spiritual.  It is divine, holy and sacred.  I find myself in fidelity with the kindness, compassion, goodness and goodwill for all mankind.  As I bring my message forward, I come in humbleness, respectfulness and responsiveness to the needs of others’ souls speaking in a tenderhearted gesture to be in communion with all.  This leads to friendship and the highest regard for humanity that one man can possibly have.  
When I see people living in a non-abundant consciousness, my heart offers pity, benevolence, hospitality, patience, sympathy, empathy, tolerance and understanding to how a non-abundant attitude cuts one off from their creative power.  I work selflessly in service with the highest courtesy and consideration for the hearts of others.  In my generosity, I find my liberty to the bliss that allows me to see joy in all situations knowing that all situations are in divine orderliness and favors Infinite Intelligence in showing us how to return to love.  I will use my books to spread the Gospel of Love and the magnanimous plenitude that has been provided for all.  

It is with harmony, thoughtfulness and tenderness that I embrace my brothers and sisters in the piety of our relationships.  Through my acts of love, the creator provides everything for my serenity.  I am provided with love, the ability to self-express, financial rewards and a blessed health.  These blessings allow me to make work into play and the fondness of serving Infinite Intelligence raises my self-esteem and dignity to unity and oneness with the creative principles that are inherent in God-consciousness.  

I walk in gratitude and thankfulness for the blessings and affinity that I have with the creator.  I share the hospitality and generous rapture with all I encounter for speaking the words of God-consciousness is my passion and this allows me to spend all my days in grace.  And so I leave you with the word, “eudemon,” which is a warm, benevolent feeling.  May this touch your soul and allow you to be in communion and worship the God-consciousness you cherish and take as your own.  Spirituality is just remaining in a consciousness of love.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Blog - Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Mankind

As we cross the threshold and move into 2012, it is an opportunity to renew our thoughts and our actions to create a world that resonates with our dreams.  Much has been said about 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar.  The end signifies a new beginning, and it is time that this beginning represents a shift in consciousness. 

Let’s look at the word goodwill.  It signifies having a feeling of goodness for your fellow human beings.  When this goodness is filled with love, respect, peace and a tolerance that we are all brothers and sisters under the skin, we then create a cooperative harmony between all people.  As with new beginnings, this is an opportunity to let go and forgive old hurts and wounds that have stifled our ability to love.  When we open our hearts to love for the sake of love and realize that the only way someone can hurt us is for us to accept the hurtful feelings as reality. 

I used to love the Mr. Magoo comics because in his blindness he saw and imagined only the goodness coming from his fellow man.  When we allow ourselves to be in this state of mind and recognize the goodness coming from people and look for the goodness instead of concentrating on what is negative, our vibration by just doing this one thing will lift the vibration of earth to a loving state of fellowship between all people. 

As we go forward, realize the only thing you can change is your mind, and when you change your mind your attitude automatically changes – and what you are attracting to yourself also changes.  As we work to bring in the new, we relieve ourselves of the fear, suffering, worry and all the other non-love feelings that cause stress and take us from peace of mind.  Peace of mind is the start of peace on earth.  As we take responsibilities as individuals for our own peace, we then collectively form a movement where the peace starts to resonate with all we come in contact with.  It is so much of a domino effect that we can change the vibration on the planet and make up our minds to resolve all disagreements with love and coming from a loving state of mind. 

Infinite Intelligence, or the Vast Spirit, can only be recognized when we are in a state of love.  When we are angry, we shut off our relationship to our God-nature, and this allows us to justify our non-love feelings. 

I wish you love, peace and the power to use your mind to change the habits that no longer serve your being.  As we move forward, let’s all be responsible for our decisions and allow those decisions to ease the relationships between all people.   Loving our brothers and sisters will create a harmonic union between all people.  We can then live a life of love, peace and ease with the freedom to work, play and relax and keep us all in the rhythms of nature.  Love, Love, Love all we encounter.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Book by Michael Robin Collins

Testimonial from Kate Loving Schenk:

Michael Robin Collins' new book: "Ushering in the Golden age," is his gift of love to the world. I believe Michael has many more gifts for us waiting to be released for the transformation of the planet.

As I read "Ushering in the Golden Age," I wondered if the Golden Age is a utopian dream. As such, does that mean we have to wait for the world to catch up?

An evaluation of the word utopia was in order, for as we raise our own consciousness, the world around us suddenly becomes lighter, brighter and loving. This is exactly what the Golden Age is all about, as simple as it sounds.

Michael sprinkles the concept of "wordsmithing" throughout his book. For instance, in the process of becoming more conscious of the words we use to describe our state of health or mind,  we liberate ourselves to embrace positive mental attitudes.

As an example, I had a headache this morning and I wanted the headache to go away in 40 minutes. Instead of repeating to my subconscious mind, "I will be pain free in 40 minutes," I now said, "I am liberated in divine love now." Breaking this down equated to freedom with the "in" breath and divine love with the "out" breath. By replacing the word  pain with divine love and freedom, my subconscious mind allowed me to heal very quickly.

The headache disappeared almost instantaneously!

We must  find our own way in our own time to realize the Golden Age.  Michael reassures us that the Golden Age is already here. We can access it in the here and now.

All we have to do is make the decision to do so.

"Ushering in the Golden Age" will be available at www.michaelrobincollins.com.  You can pre-order your copy now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Golden Age is in your Heart.

The Golden Age is in your Heart. It is not any particular time period, yet is that moment when you decide to live in your Joy. As I find this Joy, I start to create my own heaven on Earth. The joy is in the fact that I have life.
As I move from the dominance of my head, and all the thoughts racing through my mind which don't allow me to be in balance with my heart. This chasm or split is the very essence of my confusion.
For me when I remain in the balance of my Heart and Mind the Love, Joy and Freedom naturally flows. The non-love feeling, or what I call emotions are no longer an effort, and I remain centered in my beingness.
My sharing is given with Love and Light. May your days be full of Blessings…

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Spiritual Inquiry

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your enlightening words. It gave me a lot of inspiration. However I would appreciate it if you could answer some of the doubts I raised in my previous mail.

1) Suppose you heal a person using the Silva Method, but actually that person is suffering because of the malefic effects of planets which in turn came as a result of his bad actions in the past. Now when you heal him, are you not actually interfering with the job of planets?
1.    You don’t heal another person, you may facilitate the healing. Nevertheless the person must want to heal themselves.  If they have malefic planets in negative zodiacal states, it is still their choice of how they are going to react and act in life. The malefic are an opportunity to grow and bring light to a negative disposition.

2) So when we heal him how is he to pay back for his bad action?
2. After suffering for so long, there is no forgiveness to ask.       Be in the present moment and do good in this moment. This is the best way to repair what you think is a result of previous damage.  Love is the greatest healer. Have your friend open his heart and walk in the peace of a loving heart.
3) So when we help people with Silva are we moving along with the Divine Will?
    3. When you come from your heart and help people with any
     method it is of the Divine Will. When our eyes see only love
     and live by that love, we are in accord with the Divine Plan.

4) Can we totally change the course of our life using Silva or is it pre-determined, or can we only slightly modify it in a positive way?
4.   One can direct the course of their life as they become more conscious.  Nothing is set in stone, that is why people born on the same day at the same time receive the planetary influence differently and have completely different lives.  The more conscious you become of your spiritual beingness, the more you can direct your life and the more love you can walk in as your journey.

5) How long must we have to do Silva to start getting the benefit of the Silva Method?
5.   Practice on a regular basis and don’t look for results.  Notice as your consciousness shifts and your heart opens more.  Then you know and see that you are reaping the benefits of your practice.

6) Can we foresee our future through Silva so that we can take control over it?

6.   Be present in each moment. The future is wrapped in our past thoughts. When we make our thoughts of love, our future will be full of love. The more you can let go of the ideas of good and bad, and become a witness to life without the judgments, the more free your consciousness will become.  Then you start to walk in peace, slow down and eliminate the inner chatter.

Dear One, I hope these answers help you and your friend on your journey through life.
Peace and Blessings.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Communicate- Don't Assume

How many times have you had upsetting thoughts about a situation, only to find out when you get the facts that the situation was something completely different? Think of all the drama and negative emotions that got played out in your mind because you did not communicate about the situation.

“I can’t count the number of times I have done this.”  I found myself emotionally worked up with fear, anger, jealousy, worry and a host of other non-love feelings.  This has taxed my mind and body, stressed me out.

If I had only communicated, I wouldn't have given into my fear.  Communication is a key to growth.  It is simpler to get the facts and gain an understanding of the situation before going off on a tangent.
Try talking with your friends and find out what is happening with them.  It can save a great deal of stress, and spiritually we grow as we let our judgments subside Accept and allow the situation to be, as a clearer picture of the events that caused you to assume are clarified.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day- This is a day to be grateful for our mothers. Be thankful for the love your mother shard with you.  Reflect on the good times and the life lessons that she gave to you.  Remember every person comes to the Earth through one’s mother and if you are not happy with your mother, this is a day to make peace.  Let go of the judgments that keep you separated and find love for the woman who brought you here.

Spiritually remember the female principal of the mother, the nurturing, kindness and love that is inherent in the nature of the mother.

Appreciate your mother while she still lives on Earth for when she makes her transition, you have missed your opportunity. Now is the time to physically tell her how you feel and express your love to her.  Acknowledge her, count your blessings and have much gratitude for your mother
Blessings to all mothers. Blessings to all women. Blessings to the female principle.

Happy Mother's Day!!!